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A trip to the Shanghai 2019 baking exhibition of "JIAXUAN little fresh meat"
'young fresh meat'01 The most powerful sales force of JIAXUAN02 Lost in the middle of the night huangpu river "old bacon"03 Of course, I take selfies whenever I have time.04 Eat after a hard day
The 2019 Shanghai international baking exhibition "JIAXUAN" has come to a successful conclusion
The 22nd international baking exhibition in Shanghai on May 6, 2019 the official opening of Shanghai new international expo center, lasted four days,  JIAXUAN company as usual in international hall E5 exhibitions, well-known brands abroad supplier cooperation to make this exhibition also smoothly laid a solid foundation, from European bakery master Scott and chocolate master from the Indonesian team, 2014 Asian chocolate champions-Pipit, superb skills and master site show, attracted many domestic and foreign professionals to inspect, have made proud achievements!01 European bakery master Scott showcases "Amazing Craftsmanship"02 Pure chocolate artwork by Asian chocolate champion Pipit -- "the new home of the squirrel" 03 Indonesian chocolate team's new production -- "super cute series -- animal world"04 On-site product display and introduction and business negotiation -- "zero distance contact between customers and products"
What you don't know about "jiaxuan" is the collection of international top masters
 01Emmanuel Ryon The MOF title, the European ice sculpture champion, and the world cupcake championship02Alberty AdriaFounder of El Bulli, Spain03RyoLouis Samuel TjahjonoFamous artisanal chocolate master in Indonesia04Pipit YuliantiSenior tutor of Indonesia Tulip chocolate school   05Scott Raymond BelfieldWestern pastry master06Benty DiwansyahIndonesian chocolate dessert maker07Damien Piscionerito be continued...  08B. DuboiFamous French bartenders 09B. SebastienFamous French bartenders10Mathieu TaussacFrench culinary and pastry consultant 11Dinara KaskoUkrainian famous pastry master, Instagram star  12To be continued......    
"Jia xuan" is waiting for you at the 22nd China international baking exhibition in 2019
With the advent of the 22nd China Bakery China 2019, jiaxuan has been preparing and preparing for the Shanghai international exhibition in early may. This time, the distinguished guest of jia xuan invited Chef from many countries to present our products hand in hand. Jiaxuan cordially invites you to attend the Shanghai international baking exhibition in 2019 for further cooperation and negotiation.Time: 2019.5.6-2019.5.9Venue: Shanghai new international expo center (2345 longyang road, pudong new area, Shanghai)Telephone: 021-28906888Booth number: E5A70
Jiaxuan & Texturas Molecular Gastronomy leads "New Fashion Food"
Recently, Jiaxuan held two large Molecular Gastronomy Demonstration in Xiamen and Guangzhou. In this demonstration, Natalie Jewell, the chef of the famous ¡°El Bulli¡± in Spain, was invited as the general technical direction to demonstrate how to use the special culinary skills,such as spherification, to integrate the creativity into the molecular cuisine and realize the innovation of the food industry.Molecular gastronomy originated at El Bulli, a popular worldwide restaurant for molecular gastronomy, run by brothers Ferran Adria and Albert Adria.Spain's Elbullitaller has been called the ideal cooking master for its superior craftsmanship and advanced ideas since 1997.They also trained a large number of michelin chefs.Natalie Jewell, who came to the demonstration, is a fabulous cook at El Bulli, the world's most famous molecular delicacy. And El Bulli has five times by the British professional gourmet magazine "Restaurant" as "the world's best 50 restaurants".  Besides, he is the top executive chef of molecular cuisine company, as well as a famous food consultant in Brussels and a special vegetarian chef and consultant in Barcelona.Her arrival also brings us to this new technology of molecules.This demonstration was led by Natalie Jewell and supported by Decor senior technical director Alex, who jointly launched seven creative cooking products,presenting a real molecular feast: The magic of Molecules is that the chef deconstruct ingredients,regroup and use after fully know ingredients well and use unique cooking skills different from the traditional cooking,making it change the appearance but remain the flavour.That's why it can be highly praised by the world's top restaurants¡ª¡ªit can always bring us unexpected surprises.  The success of demonstration got highly praised by the chefs who were present.They said  ¡°molecular cuisine is indeed a new food field seldom involved in the domestic catering industry.This time all of us have the honor to watch and learn on site and communicate with Natalie Jewell,learned quite a lot,as if opens up a new molecules world."    This demonstration is only the beginning of the exploration of molecular cuisine.We'll  explore,learn and share it in business philosophy of excellence and the attitude of constant exploration. If you are interested in this,please join us immediately to explore more mysteries and surprises of molecular gastronomy!   
Innesto Premium breadmixes, a delicious treat by nature
OBREAD is represented by bread from Germany, Austria, France and Denmark,including brestrel,baguette,Kornspitz,Dannish and Ciabatta etc.European Style is usually large, heavy, dark in color, with a golden and crisp skin.Inside,there are fine and even holes, soft and flexible texture and Good taste.Innesto, the high-end Belgium bread,is the backbone powder in baking industry. Our mixes were developed specifically to optimize dough processability & baking performance.Enjoy the nutrition, smooth texture & extended softness of whole grain in your baked products. 
The 21st Session Shanghai International Exhibition in 2018
From May 9th to December 12th, the four-day Shanghai International Bakery Exhibition of Jiaxuan has successfully concluded. In this baking exhibition,Jiaxuan meticulously produced and served with heart,present a gregous visual feast for everyone.Firstly, we hereby sincerely invite you to preliminary know our two new cooperation brands Jiaxuan agent. It is the  Belgium brand Innesto producing breadmix series producst and the Netherlands brand Fruitlife specialized in I.Q.F fruits and puree products.We focus on introduction and promotion for this two brands, and it is also favored by many customers' highly attention and their inquiry. Jiaxuan will put the new products into the market in the near future. New products are coming soon.To be continued....... 
Letter of Thanks from Xiamen Agency Affairs Administration
After the end of Xiamen BRICS Summits, Jiaxuan company received a thanks letter from logistics department of Xiamen agency affairs administration. During the BRICS Summits, Jiaxuan have the honor of being appointed as the official designated food material.All staff of Jiaxuan gratified with the letter content. It¡¯s a compliment for the action of this BRICS Summits. It¡¯s also a confirmation for Jiaxuan¡¯s product quality.To all staff,  it¡¯s definitely the best compliment for the agent products.Jiaxuan will continue to striving to check on strictly and support superior materials for customers. 
The 20th Session International Baking Exhibition of Shanghai
The 20th session international baking exhibition takes place in Shanghai new International exhibition center on May 10, 2017. The exhibition lasted four-day and has successfully concluded. Jiaxuan company gave a big display in the E5 international hall just as usual. With the help and substantial support of foreign suppliers, the exhibition attracted numerous professional at home and abroad to view. Besides, the exhibition gained a perfect achievement.Compared to former years, Jiaxuan company expanded the hall scale to some extent. The sufficient space contributes a lot to the comprehensive demonstrations. What¡¯s more, it greatly bring us convenience to communicate with our customers. Finally, many potential order have been concluded. Except for product demonstration, the biggest spotlight of Jiaxuan company is the ¡®Jiaxuan training kitchen¡¯. During the exhibition, we invited several senior technology consultants who comes from Britain and Indonesia to make new product on the scene. The novel design and unique taste attracted domestic and international circles to stay for a tasting. There is no doubt that they also gave a high compliment for the delicious pastry.Looking forward to showing on you a different surprises in next baking exhibition. Let¡¯s date in 2018!
Be there or the square in Shanghai on May 10th
The 20thInternational Baking Exhibition of China will solemnly open in Shanghai international expo center during May 10th -13th.As a high-ranking importing raw material company, Jiaxuan gets the invitation to attend the exhibition as the China general agent company. The booth no is E5B76. Our company will invite the senior technology master and consultant to the spot to demonstrate their creative works on that occasion. We hereby sincerely welcome regular and new customer to the scene to view and have a taste.
2016 Tulip¡¯s demonstration in China
Recently, Ukraine pastry master Dinara Kasko began her tour show in China with her creative cakes.On November 22/25, the first station was in xiamen ,which is a beautiful coastal city and the second is  capital city Beijing.      She made a special trip to Jiaxuan food for the preparatory work before the demo, and communicated with Jiaxuan¡¯s staff for technical exchanges.For the demonstration she has carried on the depth of cooperation with world famous chocolate brand Tulip chocolate, brought six chic modelling art of cake.With the theme of cakes and chocolate demonstration of high-profile from preparation stage,attracting the guests from all over the country and even overseas.For this demo,not only invited Indonesia chocolate master organization chairman Louis, Asia chocolate master skills contest champion Pipit to strive for, but also invited to Ukraine pastry master Dinara Kasko, to show us her 3D printing technology combined with baking cakes.  During the demonstration, Jiaxuan¡¯s technology consultant Alex acts as the role of translation and assist, translated the production process of the grand masters in detail to the audience, at the same time actively reply to the audience¡¯s questions in real time.¡¾xiamen¡¿¡¾Beijing¡¿Guests were satisfied with the tasty after demo.Near the end,the guests took the photo with the Dinara,Louis and Pipit, they were looking forward to next year¡¯s demonstration. Audience queue up, taking the group photo...
2016 home Xuan products / baking raw material tour show will come to a successful conclusion
Our rich and Belgium baked this year (dawn) food limited company reached a cooperation agreement, respectively, on March 30th at Park Hyatt Hotel in Guangzhou, July 12th in Xiamen Kempinski Hotel and Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou in Beijing in July 15th 2 in the afternoon, jointly organized the "2016 imdu products - rich baking baking ingredients tour".This demonstration will we are very honored to be invited to the dawn of the company's Regional Manager Asia Pacific CJ and the special Western pastry master Scott. Scott has nearly 20 years of baking career, he served as executive chef at the Kokusai Hotel in the West Bakery, and now he worked at dawn, served as technical services consultant in the Asia Pacific region.In the demonstration process, to master guests on-site demonstration of the process of making the West point:Italian coffee chocolate cake,Apple and walnut cream cake,All kinds of chiffon (green tea, lemon, red velvet cake, carrot cake, chocolate),Muffin (Muffin),Mango and coconut, blueberry cheese and other products.The last guests also enjoy the American soft cookies, biscuit and other desserts.Three demonstration will be guests at the table, in the course of the master demonstration, distinguished guests to ask questions, not only to further understand the characteristics of the product, but also accumulated industry experience. At the same time, the master of the work of the demonstration was highly appreciated.The next session will give us what kind of surprise? Let's wait and see!
The nineteenth China International Baking Exhibition in 2016
Division I in May 11, 2016 -14 Pudong New Area New International Expo Center in Shanghai to participate in the nineteenth China International Baking Exhibition, booth number is E5D48. This exhibition products include frozen fruit and France Yves pan Ti, fruit products, baking jam, Belgium rich mix of baked raw materials, Holland crystal St. Shi Ma Fucai, Li Fei food industry pure chocolate, cocoa butter and Belgian chocolate world machine and mold and other products, the company also reached consensus on cooperation with foreign suppliers, the operation process of the invited foreign chefs on-site demo production and new machines, close contact with customers and on-site to answer questions.During the exhibition, Xi'an Yupin Xuan, Shanghai Miqi, Nianyike, blue ribbon school, Beijing hollyland, old and new customers in Qingdao Royal Mobil, and many domestic and foreign professionals have come to visit and exchange booth. Has won wide attention and praise from customers.This exhibition is a great success, not only to enhance the company's brand awareness and influence, but also to further understand the product characteristics of peer companies, in order to improve the company's product structure, to play a greater advantage!
July 12, 2016 home Xuan products / baking raw materials Xiamen tour show will be a complete success
In July 12th 2 p.m. our rich (dawn) and Belgium Baked Food Co. Ltd. in Kempinski Hotel Xiamen Yuanchang jointly organized "the 2016 imdu products and rich baking baking ingredients Xiamen tour".This demonstration will we are very honored to be invited to the dawn of the company's Regional Manager Asia Pacific CJ and the special Western pastry master Scott. Scott has nearly 20 years of baking career, he served as executive chef at the Kokusai Hotel in the West Bakery, and now he worked at dawn, served as technical services consultant in the Asia Pacific region. In the process of demonstration of the master, distinguished guests to ask questions, not only active in the field, but also accumulated industry experience.In the demonstration process, to master guests on-site demonstration of the process of making the West point:Italian coffee chocolate cake,Apple and walnut cream cake,All kinds of chiffon (green tea, lemon, red velvet cake, carrot cake, chocolate),Muffin,Mango and coconut, blueberry cheese, strawberry chocolate.The last guests also enjoy the American soft cookies, biscuit and other desserts.The demonstration will end at 5 pm, and the works of the masters will be highly appreciated.The next session will give us what kind of surprise? Let's wait and see!  
The eighteenth China International Baking Exhibition
 I was invited to participate in the eighteenth China International Baking exhibition. The exhibition, Xiamen, the home of the extraordinary performance of the platform, the design of the new platform, booth number W3B42. The scene by inviting senior technical advisor Indonesia demos for new products, and Belgian sales consultant to solve chocolate machine and mold problems, booth bustling, warm atmosphere, attracted from various circles at home and abroad to observe and taste, also received praise from all walks of life cook, the order also made impressive record!